We want you to know a few things before you Join the Tribe, savvy?

We are about Connection and showing up. We expect you to show up, because we want to know you.

The Eclectic Entrepreneurs will continue to evolve, with Innovation and ideas at the heart of it.

We are out to make a huge Impact in the world, and that is what we love the most.


Let’s go over all of the details.



You’ve hung out in the jeep, and you know that there is way way more to this expedition, right? 

Let’s talk about all that. 

The Watering Hole is where we gather and play. This is our tribe, our community, our network, our vibe.

It’s Monday, and on Mondays, we Mastermind. There is a Mastermind for every area. Jump in on the

one you need this week, or spend the day connection and jump in on them all. Your choice. 

Tuesdays are the days you grab your tacos and hang out with the trainers over lunch. Ask them all the things.

See how else you can play with them. 

Wednesday is all about What is Up in the World of The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, like Events,

Adventures, Retreats, and Workshops coming up. 

Thought-Leader Thursday is motivation and inspirational audios and videos and anyone, including members,

can submit content to share. 

And finally, FOMO Friday will remind you of all of the ways to play, anything you have missed, and all

the haps for the following week. 


If all you did was join us for The Watering Hole, you would be getting unbelievable connections. But wait, there’s more! (Okay,

just kidding, this is not an As Seen on TV commercial.)

We crave innovation and learning. In fact, The Eclectic Entrepreneurs have invested more in training than in anything else. We

are the ones who have spreadsheets with all of the login information from all of the online courses we have bought, and the

lanyards and name tags from all of the events we have attended. We have spent thousands of hours to learn what we know, so

that we can share it with you. The courses that you will get to experience, along with the masterminds and Q&A with the trainers,

will be priceless for helping you in every aspect of your life. The collaboration taking place within The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is

making history.

Consider this your invitation. You can stay for a month, or a lifetime. 

Our promise to you is that we will do our best to continue to create a space and place for you to connect,

innovate, and have the impact that you want to have in the world. We will show up. We will play full out. We

will love, laugh, dream, and transform. Together. 

Will you join us?




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