The Power of Forgiveness with Aleesha McMurdo

Aleesha’s course is available on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs when you join the Tribe! You can also get access to all of The Big 5 Training in our free membership. In this course you will learn how applying the gift and power of forgiveness in your daily life, creates freedom and healing from within. You will also gain an awareness of your emotional body and how to assist it in staying clear daily so that you have more time and energy for yourself, the people you love and doing the things you truly desire to do.

The Big Five Tools that Help You Forgive

1. How to manage heavy emotions and energy on a daily basis.
2. To become aware and know your body’s signals for taking care of emotions and improving your health.
3. To understand and use the principle of forgiveness as a tool for healing and releasing negative trapped emotions on a daily basis.
4. Understanding your divine nature.
5. The power to create starts with thoughts, words and intentions.

The Power of Forgiveness Course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs

Aleesha’s course is available on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs when you join the Tribe! You can also get access to all of The Big 5 Trainings in our free membership.


About Aleesha


Aleesha Lee McMurdo is a joy filled, passionate woman. She is the mother of 4 amazing children, whom she is raising on her own, to be happy, responsible people.

Aleesha is a speaker, mentor, author and facilitator of healing. She has currently, and continues to build two profitable businesses – Divine Family Connections and PureEssence Healing LLC. She uses her many gifts to facilitate powerful healing and awakening on many levels for individuals. She works with parents and families to create greater joy and connection within the family structure. She is an overcomer of the effects of childhood sexual abuse, molestation, teenage rape, and domestic violence. Her life is her mission and her mission is to teach love, forgiveness and acceptance for every human being in whatever state of being they find themselves therein.

She is most proud of her family’s accomplishment of living in Kenya, Africa for one year, loving and serving the people in profound and deeply connected ways through humanitarian service to individual families, many young girls, and women.

She is a lover of truth and continually encourages her students and audiences to find the truth within and align their lives with it, to become the creators of their lives and live their truth. She has let go of being a victim and stands strong in encouraging other women to take their lives back, change their story and create the life they want by taking 100% responsibility for their lives as she has learned to do and strives to do daily.


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