Feeding the Starved Relationship with Sheri Vaughan

We know that when running your own business, other relationships can sometimes take a toll. So we want to support you and ensure your success by continuing to nurture your most important relationships. What does a healthy, whole relationship look like? Come learn what the 7 most basic needs are in a healthy committed relationship.

Communicate to Connect with Jennifer Smith

Do you wish you understood your spouse better? Do you want to speak your truth without fear of offending your spouse? Would you like your spouse to understand where you are coming from in a conversation? Would you love to communicate without ending up in so many arguments?

Inner Bully Beatdown with Brittany Fowler

This course was born because I was bullied as a child for my weight. Although I was able to eventually forgive those external bullies I couldn’t figure out how to move past bullying myself. Perhaps this is the greatest challenge of our day. How do you identify, select, and terminate these inner bullies? How do you repair the damage they have done as they made you miserable all these years?

The Power of Forgiveness with Aleesha McMurdo

In this course you will learn how applying the gift and power of forgiveness in your daily life, creates freedom and healing from within.  You will also gain an awareness of your emotional body and how to assist it from staying clear daily so that you have more time and energy for yourself, the people you love and doing the things you truly desire to do.

The Magic of Memories with DeVonya Madsen

Memories bind us together and make us stronger. There is magic in sharing those events and stories that shape us. Do you ever wish that you could remember the funny saying your grandpa used to tell you or the recipe for your favorite family treat growing up? Would you like to make sure you have those to give to your children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, uncles or friends? The Magic of Memories will get you started!

Mama Connection with Stefanie Joseph

Are you worried that your children are falling victim to all of the pressures of their peers and social media? Have you heard them say negative things about themselves or beat themselves constantly?

I get it, I am right there with you and that is exactly why this I created “Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids.” After that came this course because moms like you, asked for assistance in how to use the journal in their home. So here we are!