Ten Principles of Experiential Brain Based Learning with Kelly Bennett

What if you could learn to deeply relax while learning? Do you know the importance of taking breaks? How long should you remain on one task? What’s really going on in your brain when learning occurs? My goal while teaching this course is for you to be able to use these strategies throughout your life long learning journey. Then you can teach them to others to increase your and their personal journey while learning new information and skills.

Living a Consecrated Life with Livia Pewtress

It’s time to embrace your God given purpose and choose to live the life that invites divine direction. No more sitting on the fence! God needs you on His side! Challenges come, doubts appear… join me and discover how to embrace the journey, arm yourself with tools, and fortify when the fiery darts come flying.

Divine by Design with Laurie Hartley Moore

Divine By Design is so much more than a transformational course. We are creating a culture,
a community, a tribe of Designers! People who are equipped and ready to Design the world in
which we live, leaving behind their stress and struggle, boldly walking forward in their own
unique beauty, yes in fact the strength of their own Divine Design…

The Ego Game of Opposites with Sue Dumais

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same self-sabotaging cycle over and over again feeling like you are stuck running on a hamster wheel and you can’t seem to find the way to get off? Imagine your mind is a computer with an infected virus running in the background so cleverly disguised that you wouldn’t even know to look for it there. This clever ego mind game is responsible for the majority of our super “stuck” patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours. Learning how to prevent your Ego from hacking your mind with a self-sabotaging virus will free your mind and change your life forever!