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We’re excited that you are joining us for the free Mini-Courses on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. These mini-courses are designed to give you a bit of an appetizer before you Join The Eclectic Entrepreneurs as a member. Each mini-course has a video training that is interview style, and once you sign up, you can get access to the downloadable worksheet and quiz questions. 

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DIY Automations with Erin Mathie

Are you tired of doing the mundane, routine things in your business and struggling to keep up with it all? Would you prefer to focus on the big picture items that actually bring you money? Watch this course to learn how to automate your digital procedures! No more double entry of data into multiple platforms and no more wasted time searching for leads on social media.

Legendary Logo Bootcamp with Tammy Fink

When you first start thinking about designing your logo for your company…most people start with things they are familiar with…like their favorite color, or perhaps an icon that they think is awesome. But more often than not, they haven’t given any considerations to their clients. In the Legendary Logo Bootcamp, I have recorded video lessons that cover many of the basic elements that make up a logo, everything from fonts to colors. But then we take a deep dive and I show you real-world examples, that will help you to gain perspective that will give you some insider secrets to creating more than just your logo, but quite possibly your entire brand.

Intuitive Marketing with Angella Johnson

If marketing has ever felt gross, impossible, or inconsistent, you can make consistent money doing the work you love to do. So often, people blame their money mindset for inconsistent revenue in their business, but the root of lack of money is usually incongruent or inconsistent marketing. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to completely change your relationship with marketing and create easy 1-page plans you can implement!

Mindset Matters with Brooke Wiles

This course is meant to help you Create Change in your life and business. We will focus on your Mindset as you become aware of certain mind traps we can find ourselves in and how to be proactive in dealing with these traps. As a business owner you are going to have plenty of hurdles, don’t let your own mindset be one of them.

Jumpstart Your Business with Charlotte Varble

There is starting a business, and then there is starting a purpose-driven, heart-centered business, and while the systems and structure can be the same, the mindset is very different!