My Experience with Creating Family Memories with DeVonya Madsen

This week we sat down with DeVonya Madsen to talk with her about her experience with creating family memories from her program on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. Her course, The Magic of Memories, takes our students through a journaling process using weekly prompts and sample ideas. Memories bind us together and make us stronger. There is magic in sharing those events and stories that shape us. Do you ever wish that you could remember the funny saying your grandpa used to tell you or the recipe for your favorite family treat growing up? Would you like to make sure you have those to give to your children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, uncles or friends? Keep reading for some fantastic relationship advice from DeVonya!

The Big Five Tips to Creating Your Family Memories

  1. Remember. When you go through your life experiences, write them down, and when they come into your memory, write them down! When you connect your memories to the people involved, you can strengthen relationships with them by sharing those memories with them.
  2. Gratitude. Take time to be grateful for the people who showed up for you in your life, and created memories for you. Someday, they will be gone, but the memories will linger, and letting them know how grateful you are, will make a difference in their lives.
  3. Document. There are infinite ways of documenting your memories and family history, and whether it is paper and glue, or digital, find the best way that works for you, so that you will stay consistent, and so that you will be inspired to keep going!
  4. Connection. Chances are, the memories you have are long forgotten by the people you share the memories with, and when you take the time to create those memories for them, it creates a powerful connection with those people. Imagine if you got a letter with a memory from someone you love, but haven’t seen for a while. Would it create a connection for you?
  5. Magic. When you share memories, it creates magic for your family. Giving a memory to someone every week in your family, can heal hearts.

The Magic of Memories Course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs

The Magic of Memories will start you on a journey to collect and share memories. My oldest daughter gave me this gift when she left for college. Every week, for a year, she emailed me a memory of something we had done together. I may have been part of her homework, but those stories were what this mom needed when her first child left home. It made me love her even more if that was even possible. After she finished, I decided to do the same thing for my mom. Every Sunday at dinner I set a typed memory on her plate before our family meal. My mom has never written her history, so this was not only a way for me to share how much our adventures meant to me but to also create a legacy for our family to keep.

Who do you want to learn more about? Could you make a difference in someone’s life by sharing your memories of them? There is a quote that reads, “The biggest lie I tell myself is that I’ll remember.” What if you don’t write them down, who will? This course will get you started! We will take 5 topics and try some different activities and approaches to getting and giving memories. You will be able to see the impact that stories can have on both you and those you share them with.

About DeVonya Madsen

DeVonya Madsen is a mother of two incredible daughters and a daughter of one incredible mom! They, and her brother, are her fan club and encourage her to create and to find the magic that the world has to offer. For many years she worked in a corporate role supporting both clients and employees. After the experience of being downsized, she took a step back and moved into her self-proclaimed “years of intentional poverty” to enjoy her daughters while they were still in school. It’s a decision that she will never regret. She currently works within the financial industry by day and has several creative passions during all the other hours she can find.

DeVonya grew up on a small farm and still helps with that endeavor each summer. She has been a part of a small family produce stand that has been in operation for the last 55 summers. Her mom, also known as The Corn Lady, is one of the biggest reasons that she created The Magic of Memories.  “Mom always took us on adventures and taught us to value them over things.” That advice has created many memories. Her brother also encouraged her to make every summer count with her girls, Kailey and Emily. They were able to make a lot of memories focusing on that time together.

Seven years ago, DeVonya was the recipient of fifty two weeks of memories from her daughter, shortly after she had left for college. That gift helped to soften the transition that such an event has in a close-knit family of 3. The following year she gave that same Mother’s Day gift to her mom. It was a joy to put on paper so many of the things that she loved about her mom and it created a beginning of a family history as well. The experience of being both the receiver and the giver is amazing!

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