Mindset Matters with Brooke Wiles

So, let’s talk about mindset. When you think of running a business you think of all the different areas you are going to have get to work in. Content/Product Creation, Marketing, Website Design, Building a List…..it goes on and on and on.

However, do you ever think of managing your mindset?

Most business owners can tell you running a business will bring up most of your internal issues and if you are not careful your mindset can set you back further than you think.

Imagine starting to get your business off the ground but you are not able to find the time to get to work….There are other obligations that seem to fill your time. Well…you think they are obligations but maybe they are just distractors.

You may be running from your business and you haven’t even really gotten started yet!

Now, imagine going into your business endeavor with confidence that you can solve your problems and make your dream come true.

Do you know where that confidence comes from? Managing your mind.

Successful business owners know how to manage their mindset.

They have awareness and an action plan.

When you leave this course, you too will have an awareness of your mindset and an action plan to deal with any mindset traps that will pop up.


The Big Five Ideas to Move Through Fear

This course is meant to help you become aware of certain mind traps we can find ourselves in and how to be proactive in dealing with these traps. As a business owner you are going to have plenty of hurtles, don’t let your own mindset be one of them.

1. Fear is common to all of us. We are all walking around having the same type of thoughts. We don’t ever think about that though. We all get soooo immersed in our thoughts that we forget: WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS.

2. One of the best things you can learn is how to listen to your fear. To really feel it and understand it. Part of my course is teaching you how to physically identify your fears and putting a name to it. Each Fear requires a different action and it’s good know what is popping up. I teach you how to get out of the road and on the sidewalk with your fears and emotions.

3. Fear cannot be “gotten rid” of. There are some ideas that we can get rid of our natural emotions and that is simply not true. Your best bet is learn to listen and respect it. That is the best way to move through it. Fear has a purpose. It’s to keep you safe!

4. Start talking to other Entrepreneurs. When you start to see how common our fears REALLY ARE. The start having less power over us.

5. I teach you how take control of the bus. Instead of letting fear drive that wheel, we want to learn how to give the control back to the bus driver, i.e. YOU!


The Mindset Matters Course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs

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About Brooke Wiles

Hello, I’m Brooke Wiles! I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with my three kids. I teach pole dancing as well as teaching people to get out of their heads and into their lives and businesses.

Like many women I was raised to believe that the only important goal in life is marriage and children. (If this is your jam, I’m not hatin on it!) I soon learned that I was not living a fulfilled life. I found myself getting angry at everyone and myself. I was miserable.

So I decided to do something different. I decided to see what was out in the world and in the process I found what makes me happy. Supporting others in their pursuit of happiness.

I believe that everyone has the right to happiness and that you should be supported in whatever fashion that takes.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!


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