Mama Connection with Stefanie Joseph

Hey hey, you’re a busy mama, I get it. You have stretched yourself too thin and have gotten lost in all of the to-dos, sporting events, and typical mom functions. Additionally, you are seeing your child struggle with their self-worth on a daily basis and you are doing all that you can do stay afloat and inspire them each day! You desire deeper connection with your children and ultimately with yourself, but not quite sure how to also fit that in to your busy life!You’re not alone and the great news is you’re here and you want to get that connection back! Come work with me using my guided journal for kids (and you!) to re-connect with yourself and your children. I’ll also give you tips and tricks on how to engage more with your children in the journaling process. Let’s give them a safe space to write, explore themselves, and release emotions that they may feel have no other way of getting out!

The Big Five Ideas to Connect with Your Kids

Are you worried that your children are falling victim to all of the pressures of their peers and social media? Have you heard them say negative things about themselves or beat themselves constantly?

I get it, I am right there with you and that is exactly why this I created “Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids.” After that came this course because moms like you, asked for assistance in how to use the journal in their home. So here we are!

1. Connection with others first starts with connection with yourself. Your relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

2. Purpose is not something you do, but it is who you are at your core, it is who you be. We each have our unique gifts to contribute and we get to decide how we contribute.

3. We’re all in this together and we all desire to belong. EE is the perfect place to gather and inspire each other through collaboration and not competition. It is a space of abundance versus lack. We’ve got you and you also have the opportunity to contribute.

4. It’s ok to question stories, patterns and beliefs in your life. Find that truth that resonates with you. You are the master creator of your life.

5. You are enough just as you are. The shame and comparison game is real, especially in the online entrepreneurial space. Your audience wants to see and hear from the authentic you. Use your authentic voice. Be weird or not. Be funny or not. Be loud or quiet. Be exactly as you are.


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About Stefanie Joseph

Hiya!! I am Stefanie Joseph and I believe that true love and joy starts from within ourselves. Imagine a world where each of us is connected to our true self and sharing our unique talents with others. Imagine the relationships your will experience with others when coming from your heart!

Throughout my life, I constantly looked to others for answers or connection. I knew I loved others deeply, but there was one person that I had consistently forgotten: ME! She had gotten buried deeply behind walls, stories, and false expectations, all created by me! After years of searching and tons of reading, again looking to others for my answers, I had my life changing A-HA moment during a simple meditation! All that I was searching for from others was already inside of me. It was in that moment, that I committed to myself to break down my walls and my stories and uncover the lost girl inside. From that day forward, I found that as I connected deeply with myself, the relationships around me grew stronger and my confidence and self-worth exploded! I can’t keep this to myself and have now made it my mission to guide others to find themselves again; to love the one person that can give them self-acceptance and true wisdom.

I retraced my steps of self-discovery and found that journaling and meditation are keys to self-connection. In 2018, during one of my meditation sessions, As a mother of three beautiful children, I have commonly said, “they are my teachers” and I wholeheartedly believe that. I also realized that the self-care world was generally focused on adults and we were leaving our children behind. I searched again outside of myself to find a tool to teach my children; and in 2018, during a meditation session, the idea came to me to create a journal for children that teaches them the same values of self-awareness and self-reflection. “Through My Heart and Eyes, a guided journal for kids,” was divinely born in that moment and my passion for sharing this message has continued to grow each day. Not only does it teach our children about themselves and provide them a safe space to explore their emotions, it opens up the space for parents to connect on a deeper level with their children. My work has expanded to work with mothers and their children and other women who feel scattered and disconnected, guiding them all to return to their home within themselves.

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