What is a Mini-Course?

In this interview style video, you will get the 5 tips, tools, actions, ideas, and resources that our trainers want you to learn by taking their course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. Consider this a fun appetizer for the incredible meal that is coming later! 

Most people want to get Healthy but don’t know where to start. This course will give you an introduction to the things that could be holding you back on your journey to Health. Learn about Healthy Living inside and out. You will examine the 3 levels of change which include Behavior, Beliefs, and Identity. You will get insight your daily habits and how small shifts can help to change your life. Success is a state of mind and this course will help you say Yes to your success and become the You that You always wanted to be. This course will help you get unstuck and help you start to Live Your Best Life!!

Jessica’s Big 5:
1. I change lives thru Nutrition and self love.
2. I help create Grandparents. I help you live long enough to become a grandparent.
3. I help make Nutrition and wellness a lifestyle.
4. I help you find what healthy looks like for you.
5. This is a journey and I am here to partner with you.

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Hi, I am Jessica Jernigan. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with more than nineteen years of experience as a Physician Assistant based in Nashville TN. I work with individuals to help them gain more energy, solve digestive issues, reduce inflammation and overcome obstacles that may be keeping them from being a higher version of themselves. I help them establish a clear vision of what healthy looks like for them because everyone has a different journey to health. As a medical professional, I have observed how lifestyle and eating habits can be a major factor in obesity and many other chronic diseases. I began to educate myself more about nutrition and how what we eat affects our health. I researched how to educate others on what small changes would most benefit them on their journey to becoming healthier. In 2015, I was faced with my own health challenge when I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids which lead to severe anemia. I had difficulty mentally, spiritually and physically because of the fibroids. The side effects from the treatments of anemia prompted me to research changes that I could make to help improve my health. I learned I could improve my condition by making changes in my nutrition and my food choices. I learned more about increasing my energy and supporting my body’s detox pathways. This journey prompted me to further my education and become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. In 2017, I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute. I learned that my test could be a testimony to help empower others to begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

I am also a wife to Langley for over 20 years and mother to our 15-year-old daughter, Sydney. I have served as a Panelist for the Breast Cancer event Pampering with a Purpose. I have been a featured speaker for the Run Women’s Conference. I have also conducted workshops for local women groups and local churches. I look forward to helping you on your journey to a Healthier You.

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