What is a Mini-Course?

In this interview style video, you will get the 5 tips, tools, actions, ideas, and resources that our trainers want you to learn by taking their course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. Consider this a fun appetizer for the incredible meal that is coming later! 

Between running the lives of your family and running the household, not to mention running your business, as a working mom, you likely find it quite hard to get it all done. The to-do list never seems to go away, right? In “Delegate or Die!”, Jen Anderson breaks down the myths and misconceptions of how to delegate so that you can grow your business and still enjoy your life. Take this course if you’re done with feeling like you have to do it all and also how to NOT do it all! (BTW, your family and your business will thank you for it…)

Jen’s Big 5:

1- Recognize where your business/life is at.
2- Recognize where you want to go and the goals you want to achieve.
3- Recognize the gaps and the tools/people/teams you need to fill in those gaps.
4- Recognize your strengths and keep using them. Delegate the rest.
5- Recognize that some things might need to wait.

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Jen Anderson is a faith-based career coach with a passion to help working Christian moms go from stuck to flowing in their careers and businesses. With 21+ years of coaching and helping about 100,000 people through career transitions, Jen helps her clients build careers that they are proud of, without the mom guilt, and more in line with what God wants to accomplish with the business.

Remember always, that God has a message for you in ALL areas of your life and He wants you to have success in your business pursuits as well. Watch the interview and take Jen’s course to further explore how faith-based coaching can help you take your business to a new level with God as your CEO.

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