What is a Mini-Course?

In this interview style video, you will get the 5 tips, tools, actions, ideas, and resources that our trainers want you to learn by taking their course on The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. Consider this a fun appetizer for the incredible meal that is coming later! 

Walk with me, my Lovely, to find renewed wholeness through the process of learning how to forgive those who have hurt you in your past.

Aimee’s Big 5:
1 – How to fall in love with Yourself and Your life. You know when you meet someone and get super excited and curious about that person – that feeling of instant connection and electricity, I want you to feel the same way about your life. To be so excited about your day that you can’t wait to be you, every single day!

2 – To understand who you are is so much more than the roles you play and that you get a CHOICE about which roles you play!

3 – How to forgive people and yourself and remove the obstacles that are standing in your way to true happiness.

4- That you don’t have to burn your candle on both ends to create a life that you absolutely LOVE!

5 – That even though you may have physical, mental, or emotional limitations you can have an AMAZING LIFE! Today! Right now! Just as you are! You don’t have to wait to be healthy, cured, or whole. You can love and accept yourself and create a life that you absolutely, undoubtedly love, every single day!

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Aimee Jongejan, frequently known as Aimee YummyYum, is a heart-centered Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Author, and Certified Leadership Mentor; who blends her gifts and life experience as an abuse survivor, chronic illness thriver, entrepreneur, interior decorator, wife, and mother – to open the eyes of women to see their Divine Potential to create the Yummy Life that they crave.

Aimee’s unique program guides women and teens through the process of recognizing their Identity, reconnecting with their Divine Feminine energy, and honing the skills they need to learn how to create a life filled with Purpose, Passion, Impact, Connection, and Vitality. Aimee’s Yummy Life Program artfully teaches her students how to learn to Appreciate their Past, Embrace their Present, and Create the Future they desire.

Aimee’s career as a motivational speaker began early in her life as a youth-mentor and speaker and has delivered her message to hundreds of youth and women all over the Wasatch Front and throughout the United States. She continues to touch the hearts of women everywhere today with her message of love and self-acceptance, as she passionately teaches women of all walks of life her Christ-centered teachings about the divine role of womanhood and femininity. She is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Shero Leadership mentor, Certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, and is Certified in Art Therapy and NLP.

Aimee is a wife of 18 years, a mother to three amazing miracle children, two angel babies, and one stinkin Adorable Goldendoodle.

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