If you had access to 100 online courses, and weekly networking calls, what could you accomplish in your life & business?

Let’s be honest. Not all of us feel like we “fit in” when it comes to networking. You might be an Eclectic Entrepreneur if:

  • You are a solopreneur, most people would call you a little quirky or “woo woo”, and when you go to networking events you keep changing your mind about your 30 second elevator pitch.
  • You work full time and entrepreneurship is a side-gig that you want to grow. However, you really don’t have the two hours + driving that it takes to go to a networking event in the middle of a weekday.
  • You have a full school/carpool/sports schedule with kids, and you need to take courses and make connections randomly, because you certainly aren’t in charge of your own schedule. You often attend online events from your car after going through the Swig drive-thru. Or on your bed in pajama pants.

At this point you are either nodding your head, or you think we are crazy. If you are nodding your head, get started free with The Eclectic Entrepreneurs!



We set out to create what we really wished had existed when we were starting as entrepreneurs. In fact, we sat down and said, “What did we need back then?” 


And a whole lot of hand-holding. 

Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot out there that will accomplish all of that. Yes, there are a lot of courses, but they aren’t really created for the start-up entrepreneur. Yes, there is a lot of networking, but it’s usually a one minute “Pitch” rather than real connection. Our goal is to provide REAL training from people who have been in the trenches all over the world, and real connection that leads to sales, referrals, and opportunities to partner on different adventures.

“Well, this all sounds interesting, what do I get by joining? 

Imagine having access to over 100 courses in five different topics that will help you accomplish those goals and dreams that you just wrote down.

Now, imagine a weekly opportunity to connect with other people who are also building a business, whether full time or side-gig, and can help you navigate what is working and not working for you.

Just click on one of the topics below, and get a snapshot of what courses are available!


And just because it’s YOU, and we know that you want to feel like this is the right place for you, we’ve created the opportunity for a 14 day FREE TRIAL so you can take a course (or two) and get on a connection call and meet some people.

What do we want to accomplish? 

We’ve created a collaboration of over 100 coaches who contributed their online courses to The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, so that you can have access to $15,000 worth of training in one place. Now, we want to build our membership to 1000+ entrepreneurs, introduce them all to each other on our Connection Calls, and help them create Magic Triangles.

What have you tried that has worked/not worked?

Oh, we are so glad you asked. Because, in the beginning we tried to be all…not us. We wanted people to take us a little more seriously. This is serious business, right? Well, that was the problem. We actually like being funny and fun and hilarious, and we weren’t being ourselves. So, now we are going for vulnerability and authenticity. We are navigating the ever-changing landscape of online business, and we now know who we can really help!

What holds you back the most? 

Letting people know what we are doing! We have created a way for all of our members to be able to bring people into our tribe and make a residual income. What do you want to make? $500/month? $1000/month? $2000/month? More? We can show you how to do that. We just need to know that you want to! In fact, do you want to try us out? Just click on 14 Day Free Trial and you get two weeks, on us!


Testimonials from Our Members

Let’s put it this way. My monthly revenue has grown 10x since I started playing with The Eclectic Entrepreneurs. The connections, the referrals, and the amazing training that I can take anytime I want, has given me the opportunity to grow and expand beyond what I thought was possible.

Kayleen B.

Kayleen's Essentials

I decide to join Eclectic Entrepreneurs to learn strategies to help me grow my audience. Quite honestly – I was blown away with the things I learned. They make so much sense! And…in just a few short weeks I was able to build connections with people who are helping me move at a pace faster than I ever have before, and grow my audience exponentially. I’m so glad I joined EE!

Carly R.

A Light In the Darkness

Until I joined The Eclectic Entrepreneurs, I didn’t realize how important it is to build a network of people who are enthusiastic about helping you to connect with the people you need the most in business. It has saved me so much time and energy in building my business. This platform has done the heavy lifting for me!

Cindy M.



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  Do I have to pay for updates?

Nope, all updates and new courses that are added are automatically part of your membership. They will automatically show up in your account. 

If I cancel my account, will I lose my data?

You will lose access to the courses, the connection calls, and the community. However, your account and all of your Engagement Points will remain, so that should you choose to join us in the future, you can pick up where you left off! 

Do I Have to Install Anything?

No! Plus, you have access on your phone via the website and it runs just like an app. Easy peasy! You can also chat with our community about the different courses from your mobile phone. 

Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

Nope, you can cancel anytime, and rejoin anytime. The Eclectic Entrepreneurs is month to month. There are no refunds if you “intend” to cancel, but don’t get it done, but that just gives you an extra month to play!

What are you waiting for? Come play!